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Self-healing type low voltage submerged arc furnace special capacitor

 GYMJ Self-healing type low voltage submerged arc furnace special capacitor
"GUANGYING" brand self-healing type low voltage furnace purposed capacitor using zinc aluminium composite edge thickened metallized film as the dielectric. The introduction of the most advanced technology, process, equipment, in strict accordance with international standards IEC6081-1:1996 production, mainly used in ore furnace two low voltage reactive power compensation, improve the power factor, reactive power, reducing smelting system to reduce power consumption, improve the smelting voltage electrode ends, the voltage drop compensation busbar; provides a new way for energy saving high energy consumption enterprises energy, is the country strongly recommended energy-saving products the best use.

▲ main features

1, because of the use of zinc aluminium composite edge thickened metallized film as dielectric, small volume, light weight, stable performance.
2, low loss: the actual value is lower than 0.12%, so the energy consumption of the capacitor itself is low, low heat, low temperature
rising, long service life, good energy saving effect.
3, excellent self-healing property: overvoltage caused by medium partial breakdown can heal quickly, to resume normal work; to improve the
using reliability.
4, security: built-in discharge resistors and insurance device, safe and reliable use.
5, no oil leakage: due to the adoption of the special material as impregnating agent, is a solid at room temperature, melting point higher
than 85 DEG C, no oil leakage in use, avoid the pollution of the environment.

▲ Main technical indexes

1, the conditions of use: indoor -25 to +65 DEG C, humidity is less than or equal to 85%, the elevation is less than or equal to 2000M
2, rated voltage: 120VAC to 250VAC
3, the rated capacity: 10 ~ 45Kvar
4, capacitance tolerance: 0 ~ 5%
5, pressure performance: inter pole 2.15Un10s, 3600VAC2s pole shell
6 and the loss tangent value: TG delta = 0.12% (rated power frequency voltage, temperature of 20 DEG C)
7, the maximum allowable voltage: 1.2Un
8, the maximum allowable current: 1.43In
9, self discharge characteristics: removal of the grid after 3 minutes, the capacitor terminal voltage drop to below 50V
10, meet the standards: GB/T12747.1-2004; IEC60831-1:1996




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