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  Self-healing cylindrical capacitor
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Self-healing cylindrical capacitor

 Self-healing cylindrical capacitor

▲ Main features

1, high reliability products can withstand more than 200In surge.
2, the high security products with excellent self-healing property, aluminum shell never rust, can touch type wiring terminal, safe and
reliable, roof breaking type explosion-proof structure, increase the safety of the product.
3, built-in discharge resistors, capacitors in the power supply is disconnected to ensure
3 minutes between the terminals of the surplus electric below 50V; the capacitor safely exit the power grid, to ensure the safety of.
4, small volume, light weight, is square, elliptical products below 2/3, easy to install.

▲ Main technical indexes

1, reference standards: GB/T12747.1-2004; IEC60831-1:1996; UL810-95
2, the conditions of use: -25 C ~ +55 C, humidity is less than or equal to 90%RH; the elevation is less than or equal to 2000M
3, allow the over voltage: 1.0Un, 1.1Un8h/d; 1.3Un1min/d
4, allow the current: 1.3In
The allowable deviation of 5, capacity: 0 ~ 5%
6 and the loss tangent value: the rated power frequency voltage TG delta = 0.1%
7, AC withstand voltage: 2.15Un10s 3600VAC10s shell between poles, pole

▲ Dimensions and the main specifications

Note: our company can also according to the cylindrical customized products phi 96*240, Phi 96*280, Phi 106*240, Phi 106*280, Phi 126*240, Phi 126*280 diameter customer requirements.



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