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Self-healing type AC filter capacitor

?ACMJ Self-healing type AC filter capacitor

With the progress of science and technology, rectifier, inverter, high power motor and poor quality energy-saving lamps and other equipment widely used in power system, the attendant is more and more serious pollution to power grid, the capacitor effect of huge 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 second harmonic compensation with capacitor through was enlarged, so that the capacitor serious over current, heavy then immediate damage capacitor, can make the capacitor using life greatly shorten. For should to the increasingly severe The pollution of power grid, we developed ACMJ filter capacitor. The main features of this product is a high voltage, current, resistance ability against current distortion rate (THD value) greater than 50%, greatly prolongs the service life of the capacitor.

▲ Main features:
1, small volume, light weight, low power consumption, stable capacity, self-healing.
2, the capacitor using new technology of sprayed pure zinc extraction, using high temperature all film dielectric capacitor, thus make the inrush current capability, high reliability and long service life is still.
3, the unique structural design, make each capacitor element has good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions, therefore the capacitor can be at higher ambient temperature (+55) running under
4, appearance design patent, so that the capacitor is very easy to install group.
5, the capacitor the properties are in line with GB/T12747.1-2004[self healing shunt capacitor and the international standard IEC[nominal voltage AC system with 1000V and below the provisions of self-healing shunt capacitor.
6, inner explosion-proof safety device in the capacitor fault occurs, can automatically cut off the power supply to prevent the fire explosion, so that the operation is absolutely safe and reliable.

▲ Main technical indexes:
Conditions of use: the ambient temperature of -25 to 55 DEG C, humidity is less than or equal to 85%, 2000M above sea level
Rated voltage (Un): 0.45 ~ 2KV
Rated output (Qn):10 ~ 100kvar
Capacitance Deviation: 0 ~ +3%
The loss tangent value: in the power frequency voltage, at 20 DEG tan delta = 0.1%
The maximum operating voltage: < 1.35Un8H/d < 1.25Un continuous 192H
The maximum operating current: < 2In5min/d < 1.43In continuous 192H
Characteristics: self discharge capacitor is disconnected from the power supply for 3 minutes after the residual voltage is less than 50

▲ Dimensions and the main specifications

Note: other specifications products for special orders, product size of housing single-phase three-phase products and the same volume of the same.



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