Capacitor Product Brief
  BCMJO.23、0.25 Capacitor
  0.4、0.45、0.525、0.69 Capacitor
  ACMJ Capacitor
  Self-healing cylindrical capacitor
  BSML/BKMJ Capacitor
  GYMJ Capacitor
  DC support capacitor


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Self-healing co compensation capacitor

 0.4、0.45、0.525、0.69 Series Self-healing co compensation capacitor 

With the development of reactive compensation technology, for three-phase unbalanced load, can be respectively switched capacitor adopts three-phase method, phase compensation of reactive power. So the compensation precision is higher, the electricity saving effect is better. Therefore, our company
Development of phase compensation capacitor, the casing with a neutral point lead wire terminal, can easily achieve split phase capacitor

▲ Main features
1, small volume, light weight: due to the material with metallized polypropylene film as the dielectric, volume, weight is only the old
products 1/4 and 1/5.
2, low loss: actually what is below 0.1%, so the energy consumption of the capacitor itself is low, less heat, low temperature rising, long
service life, good energy saving effect.
3, the excellent self-healing property: medium partial breakdown caused by over-voltage can heal quickly, to resume normal work, the
reliability is improved greatly.
4, security: built-in self discharge resistance and safety device. Built-in discharge resistors can make with capacitor power automatically
discharged; when the capacitor failure, insurance device can timely cut off the power supply to avoid failure in Step development, to ensure the safe use.
5, no oil leakage: the capacitor using semi solid impregnant advanced, drop melting point is higher than 70, no oil leakage in the use
process, the environmental pollution is avoided, capacitors are not invalidated due to the loss of the oil surface.

▲ Dimensions and the main specifications

Note: other specifications products for special orders, product size of housing single-phase three-phase products and the same volume of the same.



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