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Self healing low voltage shunt capacitor

?"GUANGYING" brand self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor, the use of high-quality metallized polypropylene film as the dielectric, and absorb the production technology, process and the domestic and foreign advanced equipment, according to the GB/T12747.1-2004 and the IEC60831-1:1996 standard production, the products are mainly used in low voltage power network, in order to reduce the loss of reactive power, improve power factor, improve the quality of the grid; reduce line loss, improve power output system or transformer.
The company to rely on scientific and technological advantages, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, product quality and cheap, and thoughtful service; quality guarantee period of two years, significantly higher than the domestic products with the industry.

Main features
1, advanced production equipment, excellent imported raw materials, coupled with the unique production process, and fully guarantee the high quality of the products.
2, the unique design, guarantee the products can adapt to the environment of high temperature and the system voltage fluctuation larger places.
3, built-in discharge resistors and insurance device; when the pressure inside the capacitor is increased or when the fault happens, the insurance device can make it automatically from the power supply, to avoid accident expansion.
4 "wide, won" product selection research, design of field strength is small, the pressure is much higher than that between the terminals of requirements of type test for 2.15Un10 seconds, the instantaneous breakdown voltage general > 3.5Un.
5, disposable tensile aluminum shell, beautiful and strong, strong corrosion resistance. Using castor oil as an impregnant, non-toxic, good heat radiating performance, long service life.

Main technical parameters
1, rated voltage (Un):0.12 ~ 2KVAC
2, rated output (Qn): 1-100kvar
In 3, the deviation of capacity: 0 ~ +5%
4, loss tangent values: in the rated power frequency voltage, 20 C tan delta = 0.1%
5, AC withstand voltage between poles: 2.15Un3 seconds, the polar shell 3600V2 seconds.
6, the maximum allowable voltage: 1.15 times rated voltage, each 24 hours in not more than 8 hours; 1.25 times the rated voltage, every 24 hours to no more than 30 minutes; 1.35 times the rated voltage, no more than 5 minutes; 1.45 times the rated voltage, no more than 1 minutes.
7, the maximum allowable current: allows the voltage does not exceed 1.3 times the rated current operation. Excessive overcurrent, overvoltage of capacitor is considered, deviations and the influence of harmonic, excessive current maximum does not exceed 1.43 times of rated current.
8, self discharge characteristics: capacitor plus root 2Un DC voltage, disconnect the power after 3 minutes, the residual voltage is less than 50V
9, connection: Delta fillet, Y connected in star, YN star connection of neutral point lead, III three segment type, single-phase type and various connecting methods.
10, meet the standards: GB/T12747.1-2004; IEC60831-1:1996

Working conditions
No harmful gas and steam, no inductive and explosive dust and no violent vibration of indoor.
1, altitude: < 2000m
2, the environment temperature: -25/C (-25 C /50 C)
3, humidity: < 85%RH

Installation and use of
1, the selection of the rated voltage: rated voltage of a capacitor is at least equal to the operating voltage of the capacitor connected to the grid, considering the influence of capacitor itself and the harmonic, should set aside an appropriate margin. This is very important, because the voltage of the capacitor medium to high, performance and service life of the capacitor will be adversely affected.
2, the operating temperature: operation temperature and environmental temperature on the capacitor to pay attention, because of its service life of capacitor has great influence over the upper limit temperature will accelerate the aging medium electrochemical. Set more than two sets of capacitors, the distance is more than 30mm, the high temperature in summer, we should take effective measures to cool down.
3, the over voltage of vulnerable to lightning overvoltage, capacitors should adopt arrester for proper protection, and as close as possible to the capacitor installation. When the capacitor is fixedly connected in the motor, in order to prevent the motor to generate a voltage higher than the voltage from the power supply system of a lot of self-excited switched off, the no-load current is recommended to choose the capacitor current less than motor, generally 90% is appropriate.
4, the over current capacitor can never run in the current exceeds a rated current of 1.3 times the circumstances. Over current may be composed of fundamental voltage is too high, or both caused by harmonic. In order to ensure the service life of the capacitor, even if the current within 1.3 times, but still higher than the rated current value, please use caution. The use of power capacitor in a harmonic source in power grid should choose anti appliances series.
The connecting wire 5, capacitors and other electrical load flow matching should be 1.5 times the rated current of the capacitor selection.
6, the capacitor from the power excision must ensure that the capacitor voltage is below 10% at rated voltage and allowed to re investment, usually this time need to 200s, so the requirements of the controller input or removal of delay time setting must be matched with. If you want fast switching need to take other measures to solve.
7, light load, the transformer in no-load or light load, does not allow the input capacitor in did not take any measures. More than three times of the harmonic amplification will be serious.
8, the harmonic is the culprit metallized capacitor premature damage. The electronic age, frequency converter, controlled silicon device, electric arc furnace and medium frequency furnace, rectifier for daylight lamp, color TV, computers, copiers are harmonic source. In the harmonic case, harmonic injection capacitor capacitor overload, more serious cases; capacitor to the harmonic amplification over voltage, over current electric capacitor of partial discharge performance degradation, the capacitor will quickly damage, and endangers the safety of an electricity grid. Must be connected in series with harmonic suppression reactor or take filtering device to use capacitors in the harmonic occasions.
9, the capacitor should be installed from the ground 20 cm or more, in order to ensure that the bottom can inlet air cooling; a plurality of capacitors installed together, the distance between the two capacitor should be maintained at 30 mm above.
10, the capacitor should be used to limit current to < 20 times
11, the capacitor is capacitive, when connected with the power grid inductive load, capacitive and inductive these two parameters will resonate at a coincidence, this is estimated by using a capacitor is a must; in the capacitor device of each packet capacity design must be carried out prior to the power frequency harmonic resonance checking, avoid the resonance point.



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